Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy

So just got done taking a PT Test with theGuth & Skirtsteak, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say if you want to feel Warm and Fuzzy, go drink a beer instead of taking an Army PT Test.

I guess I would label this test P-Bion (Painful - But It's Over Now). Despite the painful wake-up call, there were a couple of bright spots.

TheGuth knocked out full sit-ups like it was nobody's business, and Skirtsteak might want to change her name to GI Jane. Woman did 20 straight picture perfect push-ups, that even a Ranger Battalion would have counted. Seriously! Makes Ventoux's (f/k/a Grand Slam, a/k/a Lantern Rouge (literal translation: I am the slowest rider in the TdM because everyone else is a superior cyclist) push-ups look girly.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the beer!


  1. So, Crash (AKA Sorry lil buddie, you'll get em next year for sure!), did you change out of your skirt and heels for the run or what?
    Ventoux (AKA Reigning CDT Champion, AKA Reigning DC Champion Team Member)