Thursday, February 25, 2010

From Avatar to Manzanita

Christmas Day 2009: Went to see the movie Avatar with the family and then went out for dim sum. While enjoying my tea and waiting for shu mai, for some odd reason, I decided to stop drinking alcohol. I realized there were 62 days between Christmas and the 2010 Davis Challenge. Throw in one "rest" day, Dec. 30th, when my parents were in town for a holiday visit (dinner at the Herbfarm) I could challenge myself to 61 days of sobriety. I was up for the challenge!

25 Feb 2010: Just completed 61/62 days of not drinking alcohol. My AAR? (After Action Review). When I first started, I didn't think I could last 61 minutes, but with some clever tricks and determination, I was able to change my routine. I do believe there is something special about the time span of 61 days. For some odd reason, I don't desire to rage again, and although I look forward to an unlimited supply of Hazelnut Brown Nectar this weekend, I do plan to train again for the Eugene Open. (minus total abstinence of course - aka moderation).


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