Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AB Awareness Month is Here!!

5,245 total minutes logged for March in March. Outstanding!

Now for our 3rd Annual April AB challenge. Do 3,000 reps, get 1.5 BRS pts (and strong abs). Person with the most reps receives two BRS pts. Don't procrastinate. Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Mama No Papa No Uncle Sam

Bataan Death March , White Sands Missile Range, NM, March 21, 2010.

Marathon #7 of 13 in 11 weeks. Left for Seatac 4 AM for 5:50 flight. Crowded, waited in wrong line to check my sleeping bag, missed my flight. Luckily there’s another flight that will get me to White Sands before the gates close, but 6 hour layover in Denver. Shoulda packed more charts.

Another flight delay. Landed in El Paso around 7:30 PM, drove an hour (only got lost twice) to White Sands, the largest military installment in the U.S. Missed the free showing of “The Great Raid”, a film starring Benjamin Bratt which is supposed to show what this event commemorates, how the 6th Rangers traveled 30 miles behind enemy lines to liberate more than 500 American POWs from the notorious Cabanatuan Japanese POW camp in WWII. Oh well. At least I made it to Marcher In-processing in time to pick up my dog tag.

Luckily I found a small patch of free gym floor to place my sleeping bag, next to a couple of female Maniacs and a young GI team from Mississippi. Haven’t been addressed “Ma’am” so many times in a day. Being surrounded by a couple hundred GIs, lulled by the white noise of different timbres of snoring (punctuated by the occasional fart) was surreal. Lights on at 3:30 AM.

It’s 27 degrees out, projected to reach 65 by race end. We had to line up at 4:30 AM , but the opening ceremony started at 6 , and the race at 7. Got to shake the hands of a few remaining Bataan survivors at the start.

Buttcrack in the desert amazing. Endless dirt roads, flanked by mountains and cacti.

Between the Marine Corps and the Army, I have to give it to the Army . You can enter the race as a team (must cross the finish together) or individual, light or heavy (35 lb pack not counting water). Feeling guilty about marching not as a team at the DC. Saw heavy marchers
"humping" up the 4 mile, 1000 ft climb in the other direction, and later some running in the sand pit- the female winner of the heavy race finished in 5:31! pretty amazing.
Reminded me of this video sent to me by Crash

The views were even more amazing than Red Rock. Afterward, Bud and burgers, then back to reality. Must go back, next time do it “heavy”.

mid weeks haikus

blissfully relaxed
swim, bike, bake, walk, cook, swig, blog

April 24th is Coming

Yes, we are relocating the Open Katrina style. Mukilteo is to become the thunderdome. But April 24th is not just the date for the Eugene Open (Put your T-Shirt sizes in the comments btw or you get a medium) it is also where the F&*$ is Jorge's Stein day. Thats right, I checked the standings and Jorge's Stein should be coming home. Until it is sitting in its rightful place I will be issuing cheap shots to the person who has it sitting in a box in their Garage. These Trophys are to be treated with RESPECT people. Not packed away in a closet like some fundamentalist republicans obvious homosexuality. I feel bad doing this, just know that Jorge himself (my father) has a dearth of consonants in his last name and grew up in what could affectionately be called "Honkey Town" with a bunch of other Eastern European immigrants.

Monday, March 15, 2010

March in March Midway Point

I probably should've posted this pic before we started March in March to reduce injuries, but anyways here are the standings so far:

Sammy = 670
View = 630
Ventoux = 440
Crash = 415
Murtz = 330
Lurtz = 330
theGuth = 210
Surtz = 185
Skirtsteak = 160
Matt-Man = 155
Crash's Wife = 60
Guth's Kids = 50 (minus freeloaders in wagon time)
Crash meditating = -2
Matt-Man jogging "too fast" = 0

Individually, you need 480 min, and as a group we're way ahead of schedule at 2300 min.

i don't recall

Apparently I flew to the Netherlands for the debut of this ridiculous bicycle. I look pretty dapper there, posing on the right. I just wish I could remember the trip.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red Rock/ Little Rock

#4 and 5 of my planned 13 in 12. My 2nd of 3 planned doubles (not counting the Seattle Triple)

I'm going for the next level, 7 stars in the Marathon Maniacs hierarchy, 13 marathons or ultras in 79 consecutive days.
Here is the schedule:
2/15: Call of the Wild marathon (Burke Gilman trail)
2/20: Sedro Woolley Trail marathon (27 mi), where I won my first prize, a coloring book from 1994 (3rd in age group, probably out of 3), since I won 4th place in backstroke in a jr high swim race where 2 of the 6 swimmers didn't show up:
2/21: Birch Bay marathon (Blaine, WA)
2/26-8: Davis Challenge, 3rd annual (Manzanita OR)
3/6: Red Rock Canyon marathon (Las Vegas NV)
3/7: Little Rock Marathon (Little Rock, AR) (50th career marathon)
3/14: Redwoods Park Trail Marathon (Oakland CA, 3000+ ft elevation)
3/21: Bataan Death March (marathon in the sand, Missile Sands NM)
3/27: Yakima River Canyon marathon (RD= Bob & Lenore Dolphin, Bob on his 470+th marathon)
3/28: Redmond Watershed Trail marathon
4/3: Dizzy Daze (Green Lake outer loop as many times as possible)
4/11: Zurich marathon
4/18: Vienna City marathon
5/2: Tacoma Marathon/ marathon maniacs reunion
5/8: on call for Swedish neurology
5/15: Redmond Watershed 12 hour run (goal 50+ miles)

Crash says he understands why I run. The boy can do 30 miles so I give him benefit of the doubt, but .... ?

In running, there is no bullshit. You get credit for what you do. I don't mean medal, I mean the knowledge that you covered the distance, that you can. It doesn't matter if you suck. You earned it. There is always someone faster than you, always someone slower than you. If you cheat, you're only cheating yourself. It is a privilege to be still on your feet, to feel the burn, seeing what only a marathoner can see on their own two feet. Your mind is blissfully OFF. Fat slow people are invited, you just have to show up. I'm there.

You can get lost in the silence at Cougar Mountain

Death Valley

This is why I run: I took >50 photos during the Red Rock marathon but only half were not blurry. In real life, the rocks are actually red.

Flew into Las Vegas after another heinous day at work (I'm not "work-serious", I "work to play"), haters may not get it...
After a 3.5 hr layover in LA, landed in LV. Fancy pants hotel (redrum)
Got up at 4:30, caught bus to Red Rock Canyon at 5:15 AM

Race started at Buttcrack, 6 AM.
The first 6 miles there was 1000 ft of climbing but the scenery was so gorgeous, you forget....

5.jpg" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5447257882611100802" />

You get to do the 1000 ft climb twice at 4800 ft altitude, but it's the screaming, quad-busting descents that kill you...
The winner finished in 3:45, so I don't feel so bad about my time of 4:45. They served hot ziti and apple crumble after!

Got on a plane to Dallas, then to Little Rock. Arrived at Little Rock at 11 PM. No food establishments open, so I bought 4 bags of potato chips from various vending machines, ordered a Glenfiddich neat and a Fat Tire from the bar.

Got up at 6 AM, ate scrambled eggs (at least 4, with hot sauce), a yogurt, bagel with cream cheese, OJ, coffee, and cereal, then walked to the start. The so-called "hills" were like mole hills after Red Rock. Ran into a fellow maniac Martha from Las Vegas who was on her 149th marathon. I was flattered that she was amazed that I was running the day after Red Rocks, she knew the course. Like Van Phan, I'm developing a perverse satisfaction with hearing people say, "you did WHAT?" Ran with another maniac who's a newbie (only 9 races so far), my age but with 10 year old kids, from Wisconsin. Ran with another from Kentucky who was in his 60's, another newbie. It got pretty hot, almost 70 degrees, finished in 4:34, nice blood blister on toe but no major chafage casualty.

Another sighting of the always cheerful Larry Macon: The man is 65 and runs 2 marathons every weekend, over 650 so far. . Yes, it's the world's largest marathon medal.
When else are you going to see a city whose claim to fame is Bill Clinton and Central High 9.

Sadly not has "high" as I was after the Triple. Guess I'm not running hard enough...

help, I don't know how to get rid of the typos

DC 2010 BUI

Apparently I'm "antisocial" (aka socially inept) but even I can appreciate the specialness of the DC.
Forgive me for PUI (posting under the Influence). It's been a long day, believe me.
I was nervous about the prospect of a DC with a bunch People I Don't Know Who are Already Friends with Each Other. But thanks to the universal social lubricant, aka Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale, I was able to get through (or so I thought) unscathed.
It is always fun shopping for MREs with Crash. They have waterproof notebooks and gravity-defying pens, not to mention cool camo-gear. I don't know, will 1.5 MREs per person be enough?
Back at Casa DC in Manzanita. What a great house, better than any ski lodge. The DC altar prominent

Unfortunately we went through 2/3 of the keg before the challenge even started. Lesson for next time.
Ventoux getting his cooking in early; though he didn't win, must say it was his bagels I was asking for 2nds long after the competition.
Please send me the recipe! I may not cook often but I can do it.
Didn't get many good photos this year, but at least one with Guth being the Happiest Drunk in the World, this time eating something that resembles Turds....
Lots of gratuitous buttocks this year
Aside from high tide and tsunami warning, gotta admit, a perfect day for road march
We will never win the trivia, as long as I never watch movies
Then sand angels after, reminded me of Interlochen, full moon and cold sand....

Counting my grey hairs

Too Short has a grey beard. I've never felt older. And how the fuck is George CLinton still around. Its all genetics...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flotsam And Jetsam

Items left behind at rental house:
-1 Pair Mandals
-1 Sweatshirt; blue with some tropical destination in it. Not as cool as this.
-1 REI sleeping bag.
-1 Round skillet (on that note, did anyone pack an oblong skillet. Guth is missing his and we did not see it in the house on our final sweep. HE CAN NOT MAKE OBLONG PANCAKES WITHOUT IT PEOPLE!!)
-Pack of CD's including Grateful Dead, Someone giving their fans the finger (but not this guy), some unlabeled and quite possibly illegally bootlegged CD's, and a Jermaine Dupri CD (I would mock the owner of this CD were I not such a shameless R Kelly fan myself)
-Food items. They have been eaten or put in my pantry. Too bad for you.

That it. I think. I don't know. maybe there is more, but this caffeine isn't working too well.
Crash can pick it up when he visits in April. If you need your mandals before then let me know and we'll figure something out.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March in March

Walk 8 hrs this month. Get 1 brs pt. As a group, if total hrs logged exceed 50 hrs on spreadsheet, everyone receives 2 brs pts.

Schedule too busy? In lieu of walking, meditate for 4 hrs.

Sorry I couldn't find an image of Ben Kingsley walking, so instead I found this guy.