Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DC 2010 BUI

Apparently I'm "antisocial" (aka socially inept) but even I can appreciate the specialness of the DC.
Forgive me for PUI (posting under the Influence). It's been a long day, believe me.
I was nervous about the prospect of a DC with a bunch People I Don't Know Who are Already Friends with Each Other. But thanks to the universal social lubricant, aka Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale, I was able to get through (or so I thought) unscathed.
It is always fun shopping for MREs with Crash. They have waterproof notebooks and gravity-defying pens, not to mention cool camo-gear. I don't know, will 1.5 MREs per person be enough?
Back at Casa DC in Manzanita. What a great house, better than any ski lodge. The DC altar prominent

Unfortunately we went through 2/3 of the keg before the challenge even started. Lesson for next time.
Ventoux getting his cooking in early; though he didn't win, must say it was his bagels I was asking for 2nds long after the competition.
Please send me the recipe! I may not cook often but I can do it.
Didn't get many good photos this year, but at least one with Guth being the Happiest Drunk in the World, this time eating something that resembles Turds....
Lots of gratuitous buttocks this year
Aside from high tide and tsunami warning, gotta admit, a perfect day for road march
We will never win the trivia, as long as I never watch movies
Then sand angels after, reminded me of Interlochen, full moon and cold sand....

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  1. Holy smokes, I may have been sick during the whole DC, and boozed up, but did TJ ever have his pants up?

    I feel as though the DC Steering Committee overlooked a Honorable Mention award. Speaking of which, this Honorable Mention Award: "Most Inappropriate Song Selection on DC CD" goes to Team Too Fast. C'mon Matt, I've got to forward that track whenever my young, innocent son is in the car.