Monday, March 15, 2010

March in March Midway Point

I probably should've posted this pic before we started March in March to reduce injuries, but anyways here are the standings so far:

Sammy = 670
View = 630
Ventoux = 440
Crash = 415
Murtz = 330
Lurtz = 330
theGuth = 210
Surtz = 185
Skirtsteak = 160
Matt-Man = 155
Crash's Wife = 60
Guth's Kids = 50 (minus freeloaders in wagon time)
Crash meditating = -2
Matt-Man jogging "too fast" = 0

Individually, you need 480 min, and as a group we're way ahead of schedule at 2300 min.


  1. Pelvis tucked *under* torso, ahhhhh. I, uh, have been doing this all wrong apparently. You always got my back, Crash

  2. Wait, are we supposed to be walking, or are we supposed to be walking like an Egyptian? Wayoh, Wayoh, Waaayoh, Wayoh?

  3. Say what you want Ventoux, but I know you haven't been swinging your arms or keeping your chin parallel to the ground...

    By my calculations, if you hadn't cheated yourself, you'd be well over 600 min by now.