Monday, March 1, 2010

March in March

Walk 8 hrs this month. Get 1 brs pt. As a group, if total hrs logged exceed 50 hrs on spreadsheet, everyone receives 2 brs pts.

Schedule too busy? In lieu of walking, meditate for 4 hrs.

Sorry I couldn't find an image of Ben Kingsley walking, so instead I found this guy.


  1. Is there a difference between meditating and just sorta zoning out? If not, then we are golden. If so, sorta explains why I not employed.

  2. Does running count?
    Yes, you will have to define "meditation". If zoning out counts I've already earned my points for the month.
    AM told me 2 techniques to try: plug one nostril and breathe in slowly through the other, hold for 5 seconds, then plug the other nostril and breathe out through the first. Or try humming "mmmmm" while plugging both ears. all of these feel similar to swimming the freestyle.

  3. Running does not count.

    By meditation, I figured if someone is too busy to get in 2 hrs of walking each week, then they ought to be able to find at least 15 min, 4 days a week to sit quietly and just calm the mind. That's all. Simply relax, focus on breathing, and "turn off" the brain.

  4. There is a spreadsheet posted under the Magnum Series heading on the left sidebar so that everyone can track their progress.