Saturday, April 17, 2010

Congratulations Crow

On winning BRS's 2009 New Music November! I know, I know, we're almost six months late, but we promised a "special prize" and that's exactly what was delivered to my place yesterday afternoon. (Ventoux - make room in your car to take back from EO and don't worry about trophy space, it's staying here in Mukilteo).

Special Thanks to Mrs. Crash, Crash Jr, and Crash's parents Suzanne & Harry (yes - the same Harry of Harry's Pipe) for sponsoring NMN '09's special prize.

Almost succumbed to awarding Palin's Going Rogue, but then I would've had to endure Ventoux bitch & moan about the Rep party, so I just simplified. Now there's NO EXCUSES for getting his ass kicked at this year's CDT! but I digress... Enjoy Crow!

P.S. - check out this link: (Tori Spelling - Ha!).

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