Friday, April 30, 2010

Motorless May & The May Buffet

Two monthly challenges for May, something entirely new that Crash dreamt up and another regimental challenge for those of you that (like me) were fans of Millennium May (Backstreet, it was a good run).

Motorless May goes like this. If you want a Magnum Point you can't drive or ride in a car. You can walk to get around, you can ride your bike. Even though they have motors and stuff, you can ride a bus or a train. You just can't ride or drive in car.

But just for three days.

But they have to be in a row.

If you want another point you can go more days in a row in the spirit of Motorless May than anyone else.

But good luck with that, I just lost my job again.

The May Buffet is a little different, you'll pick four activities that you do during the month:

1 ab/core (eg. crunches, flutterkicks)
1 cardio (eg. walking, running, cycling)
1 strength training (eg. pushups, pullups)
1 swig (eg. a beer)

For the first week of the month pick any one of the above categories and do it all month long, at least four days a week. The number of reps/time involved is up to you but enough that you'll reap some benefit (please don't get blitzed 4x/week all month though, k?). Then at week two, pick your second exercise and ADD it to first one. Again, at least four days in the week but they don't necessarily need be the same days as your first choice. Week three you'll pick your third choice and ADD it and the same for week four. 1 Magnum Point for anyone that keeps it up for the month.

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