Thursday, May 13, 2010

BikeRunSwig earns an A+

There's Guth. There's Guth posing in front of Gary Payton's old house. How'd he get there?

Well, we rode from Factoria Mall, up Forest Dr, down Montreux, up Zoo Hill, up Cougar Mountain, down Forest Dr, and then back up Somerset Hill. Earlier in the day, I swam an hour, and Guth offset that with a quick 70 mile jaunt around Whidbey Island...

Yesterday, after work, I got out to ride with Gerald on the Eastside. We rode up Montreux, and also all those hills to get to Montreux. I believe Guth rode with Mark Ohlsen too...

So rest up this weekend, right? Not BRS! I believe Gerald has a 50 mile run (no - that zero after the five is not a goddamn typo), Guth, Spiz, & Crash will tour Whidbey Island for Gramrod's first training ride, and Kadlec, Gerald, Murtz & Murtz will all be running Beat the Bridge!

Hey View. I am going to nominate you for an individual BRS point for childbirth. I think that sounds pretty physical.

At least the Murtz family is keeping us all honest with their MayBuffet commitment to swiging the whole month.

Keep up the FUN work!

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