Friday, June 25, 2010

BRS Next Generation

I enjoyed another excellent ride with theGuth today around Lake Washington. We had to kill some time before we could pick-up a new bike for his son. Already investing in our BRS youth. Can't wait to see the boy get up St. Andrews on his Trek Mountain Cub...

Also completed my July's Jumping requirements today. I think Guth's May & Murtz's June challenges have been the best back-to-back months so far. You're up next Papa V, so don't ruin it...


  1. Papa Ventoux will ruin as he pleases. I will have the challenge up tomorrow. Unless the USA loses. In which case the challenge will be to find a Ghanian restaurant and call in a false complaint to the health inspector. I get that the Trek is for Guth's kid, but who did you get that child sized Cervelo on the back of the car for? A lot of money to spend on a bike the kid is just going to grow out of by the time they are 12 or so....

  2. 1. Vamos Argentina
    2. Child-size Cervelo- hahahahaha