Saturday, June 26, 2010

July - Be Here Now

Oh well. Go Holland I guess!
As to this months challenge for everyone*, relax, take some quality time with/away from the voices in your head (depending on what level Thetan you are).
Pretty simple, just pick any meditative activity, could be Yoga, Tai Chi, Cutting, Transcendental Meditation, Self Flagellation, whatever, as long as you approach it with an open and contemplative mind frame. And no iPod.
Week one, do it 3x5minutes
Week two, 3x10 minutes
Week three, 3x15 minutes
Week four, 3x20 minutes
If you do this right, theres a good chance you'll pierce through the veil and realize how pointless this all is. Don't worry, you are not alone. And with any luck you'll realize there is not much difference between trivial monthly challenges and major life decisions. Everyone who does not complete this challenge can look forward to an endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Those completing the challenge can likely look forward to the same, but also, they get a BRS point. So they have that going for them, which is good.
Gunga Galunga,
Papa V.

*Except for you Spiz. You're challenge is to get me my trophy. Not sometime, but right away. This will require time away from figuring out how any lightbulbs EVER get changed in Poland (Migrant Gypsies) but you have put yourself in this position. No BRS point for this challenge, just the peace of mind knowing you don't have to ride the TDM in a tutu on a child's bike (serious about that btw). You have until Brazil is eliminated from El Copa Del Mundo to get it to me. In my hands. Then I go shopping for a tutu.


  1. Just had a flash of you on a dirtbike chasing Spiz for 2 dollars...
    Finally a monthly challenge guaranteed to earn me a point. Will it make up for the fact that life has no point? I must also report, there is no inner peace despite years of self-flagellation.

  2. Go Mexico?

    Spiz, Brazil *should* beat Chile tomorrow, but let's not take any chances. Give your tenant a call and let's dig that stein out.

  3. Spread sheet is up. Time to get you're Nirvana on. Just not like Kurt got his Nirvana on okay?

  4. Sorry guys, I screwed up. I had one week to pack up my entire house and accidentally packed all that stuff in a box. My tenant's mom is dying of pancreatic cancer and is spending most of her time in a hospice. I don't know where this stuff is and won't have access to it for another few months.
    I'll pay for whatever is needed to replace this stuff. Just let me know what and I'll get it.