Sunday, July 25, 2010

don't spill on the maglia rosa

It's been awhile since we've had a 'swig' specific post, and way too long since I've written anything. As long as no one is emasculated by pink drinks I made a couple tasty summer cocktails that I think you'll like (who are you kidding, as a cyclist your heroes shave their legs).
The first one is my favorite, and I think quite original. Just whir a quarter of a water melon in the blender and sieve into a pan and add sugar (I had 2-2.5cups of liquid, added .5 cup sugar). Add several dried sprigs of lavender (I used about 5) , or more sprigs of fresh lavender and heat until the sugar dissolves completely. Chill. Then just pour into a cocktail glass with a shot of vodka or gin (we tried both, skirtsteak preferred the vodka, me gin, both=good).

The second one more vibrant in color, but a little too sweet for me. I pureed a few cups of raspberries that I harvested from my driveway vines and reduced to syrup along with some lemon zest. I originally used this as ice cream topping (so good) but I had so much that it got the same cocktail glass treatment, sticking with vodka on this one though.


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  1. from steve miller's Joker & mgds to houston's eckerd pharmacy's tall bush lights I've seen many the beers... I've been drinking for the better part of 21 yrs, and I've gotta say, your concoction was pretty darn good. (watermelon fruity with gin - I tried). But honestly, I think it was more the company. I'm a simple man Guth. Just beer me, and I'll at peace...