Saturday, July 10, 2010

Island Rides

On Saturday, Guth, Gerald, and I took the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry to bike South Whidbey Island. I'm going to call that ride F-BAD (Five Bucks & a Dime) from now on, since it costs $5.10 roundtrip to walk-on the ferry with a bike.

But first, here's Gerald & Guth at the I-90 bridge, for a weekday ride around Mercer Island.

South Whidbey Island has become my favorite biking route for several reasons.

1) Gerald & I rode it from my front door. No car racks!
2) You get to take the ferry.
3) It's challenging. Like Guth says, "Whidbey doesn't mess around".
4) Low traffic roads.
5) Tons of trees.
6) It's hard to get lost.
7) Perfect distance for me. Not too long. Not too short.
8) Plenty of options to shorten ride if needed.
9) Plenty of rest areas.
10) Sweeping & Stunning views of the Sound. (See below).

Bottom Line? Best $5.10 I've spent in a long, long time!

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget the fern-porn.
    Hey, what happened to the hay bale photo? And why is the 6-pack so pricey now?

    Hard day for the ol' perineum, but the hills were good for the soul. Ferry hill at the end didn't seem too hard after Whidbey, but it didn't add much to ride down, would've rather driven to ferry station then stopped for fish & chips after.