Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SBS - September's Big Swig

So my google images search for "swig" led me to this pic of Chris Mullin. Why, I don't know, and I really don't care. Chris Mullin is my favorite basketball player of all, ALL time...

September's Challenge. Swig Big, but not as big as Chris Mullin would have done. Each week you must drink at least, but not more than:

1) A six-pack of beer + bottle of wine
2) 2 six-packs of beer
3) 2 bottles of wine

Quantities don't have to be precise, just neighborhood-ish. If this seems arbitrary and capricious, then welcome to BRS monthly challenges!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

BRSCI X (in pictures)

Last weekend was the BikeRunSwig Cycling Invitational (2010), a welcome taste of leisurely (relative) bicycle touring after the hellish TdM a few weeks back. I think we have all agreed that this pace is nice, stopping for beers along the way. Looking forward to more adventures, perhaps next time we can dispense with our cars altogether and pack everything we need on our bikes.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tomorrow starts the first day of my first opportunity to host a major, the so-called Bike Run Swig Cycling Invitational '10 or BRSCI-X. We'll be spending the next two days touring some of the prettier areas of this side of our state. Tomorrow exploring some of the farmland around Burlington, Sedro Woolley and then over near Edison/lower Chuckanut. From there we'll be able to spy on our next route (and the event highlight) slated for early Saturday morning, a tour of Orcas Island culminating in a climb up to the top of Mt. Constitution. Then, lunch schedules and ferry schedules and the gods' smiling favors permitting we hope to have enough time to fit in a nice ride from Deception Pass around North Whidbey Island. I'm hoping we can see some of the Prowler squadrons in maneuvers as we skirt NAS Whidbey. There won't be any mistaking if we do, they are loud!

I think we are all good on t-shirts for swag (thanks TdM, EO, DC, you are more than half of my tshirt wardrobe now) so CI participants will receive custom etched bar pints. I think I set the quality bar quite low so that they will be easy to improve upon in coming years.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

No One is Purrfect

So my TDM predictions were off a little this year. So what? I've got more important things, like taking cat naps and stealing tortillas chips...

Congratulations to theGuth. This year's 2010 TDM Champion AND KOM!!

Overall, a great Tour, especially considering the wet conditions. Plenty of hills, pain & suffering to go around, but nothing bagels & beer couldn't fix. Thanks Skirtsteak for outstanding support!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Meow - My name is Kotek. I am the guardian of Jorge's Stein. Note how I do not speak in all-caps or bold outline like my less-civilized brethren. I have to concur with NeeshaCat's assessment of this year's TdM. Team S has got it in the bag... or should I say stein?

Response in Cat

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 TDM NeeshaCat Predictions

Meow - My name is NeeshaCat. I have special talents. I can open heavy wooden pocket doors, stomach panini sandwiches, kimchee, & dog bones. I can also predict the outcomes to sporting events with great accuracy, similar to Paul the German Octopus and his FIFA World Cup selections...
Here are bowls representing this year's competitors. NeeshaCat, would do you think will be this year's KOM?
Wowser! You think Spiz will repeat? Then who will take the overall yellow?
Spiz again? Amazing. No one has ever won three-in-a-row!!! Then who is going to dominate in the inaugural team competition?
Purrrr. Team S? That's Spiz & SPC! Who is going home with a box of wine (aka - Last Place - aka - the shameful Lantern Rouge)?
Papa V again? You are such a good NeeshaCat!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 Tour de Mukilteo

We missed you this year Podium Girl (school definitely takes precedence), but Mrs. SPC stepped in wonderfully. There's so much going on in this pic...

The symbolism of the spinner, the BRS jersey (on loan by Gerald), the official 2010 TDM shirt, and also the motivating prizes.

Also, Spiz, notice the designer frilly mini-skirt (sorry Papa V - SPC Jr does swimming & tennis, not ballet - so no pink tutu). I hope you retrieved Papa V's beer stein, or come with a replacement or I guess that haute couture has your name on it.

Papa V - please notice the box of wine that Mrs. SPC is holding. That's going to the Lantern Rouge, and last time I looked, you hold the title.

Stay tuned for a post on Vegas odds for anyone interested in wagering cash on this year's tour!