Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 TDM NeeshaCat Predictions

Meow - My name is NeeshaCat. I have special talents. I can open heavy wooden pocket doors, stomach panini sandwiches, kimchee, & dog bones. I can also predict the outcomes to sporting events with great accuracy, similar to Paul the German Octopus and his FIFA World Cup selections...
Here are bowls representing this year's competitors. NeeshaCat, would do you think will be this year's KOM?
Wowser! You think Spiz will repeat? Then who will take the overall yellow?
Spiz again? Amazing. No one has ever won three-in-a-row!!! Then who is going to dominate in the inaugural team competition?
Purrrr. Team S? That's Spiz & SPC! Who is going home with a box of wine (aka - Last Place - aka - the shameful Lantern Rouge)?
Papa V again? You are such a good NeeshaCat!!!

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