Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 Tour de Mukilteo

We missed you this year Podium Girl (school definitely takes precedence), but Mrs. SPC stepped in wonderfully. There's so much going on in this pic...

The symbolism of the spinner, the BRS jersey (on loan by Gerald), the official 2010 TDM shirt, and also the motivating prizes.

Also, Spiz, notice the designer frilly mini-skirt (sorry Papa V - SPC Jr does swimming & tennis, not ballet - so no pink tutu). I hope you retrieved Papa V's beer stein, or come with a replacement or I guess that haute couture has your name on it.

Papa V - please notice the box of wine that Mrs. SPC is holding. That's going to the Lantern Rouge, and last time I looked, you hold the title.

Stay tuned for a post on Vegas odds for anyone interested in wagering cash on this year's tour!

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