Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tomorrow starts the first day of my first opportunity to host a major, the so-called Bike Run Swig Cycling Invitational '10 or BRSCI-X. We'll be spending the next two days touring some of the prettier areas of this side of our state. Tomorrow exploring some of the farmland around Burlington, Sedro Woolley and then over near Edison/lower Chuckanut. From there we'll be able to spy on our next route (and the event highlight) slated for early Saturday morning, a tour of Orcas Island culminating in a climb up to the top of Mt. Constitution. Then, lunch schedules and ferry schedules and the gods' smiling favors permitting we hope to have enough time to fit in a nice ride from Deception Pass around North Whidbey Island. I'm hoping we can see some of the Prowler squadrons in maneuvers as we skirt NAS Whidbey. There won't be any mistaking if we do, they are loud!

I think we are all good on t-shirts for swag (thanks TdM, EO, DC, you are more than half of my tshirt wardrobe now) so CI participants will receive custom etched bar pints. I think I set the quality bar quite low so that they will be easy to improve upon in coming years.


  1. Bar pints, nice! Agree, between my polar bear and marathon and BRS T-shirt collections, I could wear a different shirt every day for a year.

  2. Bar low? Swarovski and Tiffany couldn't hold a candle to these GO's. (Guth Originals). These glasses surpass Guth's last artistic masterpiece. Team Sharis 2010 DC Rock!

    Just don't be surprised if Chihuly calls about a possible exhibition at the Tacoma Glass Museum...

  3. If only I weren't 5000 miles away...