Friday, September 3, 2010

Mark Your Calendars: BRS Hot Tub Time Machine Challenge

SPC Davis (aka God Dam Old) wrote that he found a “blackmail photo” of me in an old shoebox, from when I was 20 years old. 20, when I used to stop by Eastman to pick up my sister on our way home for thanksgiving break and eat steak and eggs at a breakfast joint with SPC in Rochester. When what kept me going day to day was the idea that the future had to be better than this, causing me to miss the fact that my prime had somehow passed me by undetected and it was all downhill from there. Did I have an inkling that I would find myself in this endless loop, another hellish work week like every other hellish week, getting blitzed on boxed wine as soon as the front door shuts behind me, then eating a bowl of ramen noodles balanced on my gut while reclining in my underwear in front of some cooking show on cable?
At that moment I was contemplating the best way to get the hell out of town for my 40th birthday, only 3 months from now. I could be one of those middle aged people reading a cheesy paperpack with an umbrella drink sitting by herself at a beach bar. Or, I could use this opportunity to cram another event into the BRS calendar, after an early end to this season.

Here’s the pitch: Hot Tub Time Machine. January 2-4 at a resort somewhere in Oregon that has a hot tub. Music selection: all 80’s. Must bring incriminating photos from your early 20’s. Screening of title film. TBD: painful athletic challenge and food/drink challenge. Open to suggestions….. party complements of Gerald (aka God Dam Older than SPC)


  1. This gets my stamp of approval. I'll even put up with the 80s music.

  2. Wait a minute. Hot Tub. 80's music. Oregon. Eating Contest. Swiging? You had me at John Cusak & Huey Lewis & the News. I'm in!

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