Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010 NMN

CDs for 2010 NMN will be due by Nov. 19. I will make copies, and re-distribute by Thanksgiving weekend. Select a five letter animal this year. You choose the order of the songs. Categories are:
  1. Song about death
  2. Song by an artist introduced to you by your parents
  3. Song about a place (references city, state, or country)
  4. Song you’ve repeatedly gotten drunk/high to
  5. Song to make sexy time to
  6. Good early song by an artist who should retire now
  7. Song with animal noises in it
  8. Song for secret cutters
  9. Song that makes you nostalgic
  10. Song to work out/run to
  11. 2 song combo - a) group b) solo artist from group
  12. Jerry Maguire's Free Fallin' equivalent (song you would sing aloud alone in your car)
  13. Song with lyrics meaningful to you


  1. What's the five letter animal for?

  2. oh wait, got it. It's for the song with animal noises in it? maybe?

  3. Your cd will only be labeled with the animal name for everybody, that way voting for the best will be (somewhat) anonymous.

  4. ok. I thought about it too much :^/

  5. One more question since I'm on a roll here...
    So, this 2 song combo just needs to be a song by some group, and then another song by an artist within that group? Do the songs have to relate to each other?