Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Lonely at the Top (actual Newman Song)

Goodbye Randy! Your reign at the top for BRS' NMN is over. We'll miss you...

This year's mandatory category will be a "song about death". Other potential categories include:

songs with clapping
children's song
song in 8 bit/midi format
Non-hip-hop song with repeated profanity
song embarrassed to like
song to kick down a door
song to make sexy time to
good early song by artist who should retire now
van halen v van hagar
pop song that could have inspired kurt cobain to kill himself
overly pretentious pearl jam song
solo joint by ex-NWA member
song you could drive 105 mph across montana to
texas song
song with whistling
song with long/short pause
tv related song
song from film
meaningful lyrics to you
first song you got drunk to (or remember)
artist introduced to you by your parents
randy newman song

These are the potential categories. As current champion, Crow will pick all the categories. Any other suggestions should be commented. Voting closes 10/30. Final categories will be posted by 11/1.


  1. Song to listen to on a nice day driving around the 610 loop.
    Song to bludgeon Randy Newman with his Toy Story Grammy to.
    Song for secret cutters (Non-Morrisey division).
    Run, (Insert your name here), Run! song.

  2. Thanks P. Ventoux, especially for the last 2. Someone understands me, finally.

  3. Song from a musical/broadway
    Song with a drum solo
    A song with animal noises in it
    A song you hate
    A song from a "Boy Band"
    A song you listen too while working out
    A song by Elton John or Rod Stewart
    A song with Lyrics and a full orchestra
    A song with backup gospel singers
    A song by David Hasselhoff
    A song by Gunther (aka Mats Soderland)
    A song with a synthesized keyboard

  4. Last year's discs were really good. Just in case you wanna re-use any of those categories, I nominate them as well:
    1) Cover Song
    2) Non-English lyrics
    3) Hard Rock / Metal
    4) Rap
    5) Punk
    6) Classic Rock
    7) Pre 1950
    8) Indie
    9) OR / WA artist/band
    10) Instrumental
    11) Unplugged
    12) No limitations (your choice any genre)
    13) Randy Newman Song
    14) Country
    15) Live

  5. 1) Place - references city, state, or country
    2) Current song released in 2010
    3) 2 song combo - a) group b) solo artist from group
    4) From an Academy Award winning movie
    5) Grammy winning song before 1980
    6) Trio
    7) Jerry Maguire's Free Fallin' equivalent. (you would sing aloud alone in your car)

  6. 1)Disco
    3)Spoken word (could be comedy, but no Shatner)
    4)Fake band that only appears in a movie