Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seek and Ye Shall Find! SWIG.

K - So Guth, Gerald, & I also believe Papa V all have their beloved scotch. My pops is a devoted vodka martini man. Even 1st Class is all about Jack Daniels, but I was always fronting. Although I could put down a shot, I never ever really liked any hard liquor or mixed drink. Until now...

Gin & Tonic! Damn. Where have you been all my life?

bike, run, SWIG!!!


  1. SPC, thanks for sharing your feminine side with us. Gin & Tonic? Honestly, man. At least First Class has some chest hair.

  2. Seriously, you can probably get them two for one on date rape night down at Pat O'Briens. Though if this means you'll never buy me another shot of straight saphire at a casino again, its a good thing. Glen Livet 12 yr old FTW.