Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SPIK Award

Welcome to BRS' newest award. It's called SPIK. It stands for, "Smartest Person I Know". I've been handing out this award for the past 20 yrs in my mind. At Rice, Ventoux & Pat Conant won the award consistently...

As of 3/22/11 - I award this award to 1st Class! Yup. It's all yours. Next time I see you you gets some cigs...


  1. Drunkest post ever or Drunkierest post ever?
    I Keeed, I Keeed.
    Congrats First Class.

  2. Quite perceptive Papa V. This morning I thought I should preface my SPIK award with "after Grolsch & Columbia Valley red wine", but nope, my award stands...

    As for drunkest post ever? Please refer back to "Spiz, just does the cdt". That's my best work yet...

  3. Awesome....I would like to thank Joe Camel and all the friendly folks at RJ Reynolds