Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 BRS Major

In lieu of the 2011 Davis Challenge and the 8th Annual Tour de Mukilteo, I will be holding the very first BRS Half/Full Marathon Walk or Run. This will be sometime in December. There could be a professional photographer. This event will also require fundraising. The cause? Support Neeshacat...


  1. Marathon de Mukilteo! Finally! (though I will miss the 8th annual Tour de Muk, now a classic). Ferry Hill is a must. What about supporting APDA or the DMRF? We have to get at least 5 runners to get on the MM calendar; with the half you'll get lots of HFs. There is a paucity or races in late Dec, say the 17-18 or even xmas, though Dec 3 would also work.... people will be looking for something to do the weekend after Quadzilla or before xmas. We have to incorporate a swig component to the race, somehow...

  2. I'm officially in. I have been scared to run lately, my knee was bugging me so much every time I ran all this year. I ran Beat the Bridge but haven't touched my running shoes since May. Yesterday I laced them up and ran about 5mi. The good news is my knee seems 100%, the bad news is that I'm really sore and walking funny today. I got work to do but this will happen.

  3. December may be a stretch with as yet unformed family commitments, but if its not too close to Christmas I think I can make it. If Rizz can manage back to back to back marathons, coming up for a day and 13 miles should be cake. Are we going to take turns pulling the wagon full of swig or do I need to pull it for the whole 13 miles?