Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday was the first time I've ever tracked my own way with GPS. I took a longer route home on my commute, you can check out the stats here.

But I don't really ride my bike to track speed or distance, let alone wattage improvements. I don't currently have a computer on any of my bikes. Instead I like to get out because there is roads that look like this.
And barns that look like this.

And even for the mountains of tires.

Because if you look past the mountain of tires you can see real mountains behind them.

And I especially ride to see the marshmallows growing in the fields.


  1. Marshmallows? I thought those were polar bears. Did you photoshop that hot air balloon- too perfect! I sure miss riding with team BRS, yet to find the riding scene here on the East Side.

  2. Pfft, I was totally lying too. I don't have any computers on my bikes but that doesn't mean I don't like statistics. I fucking love that shit.