Thursday, February 2, 2012

fURf to fMYf

Completed my fURf. It's now fMYf. Faced My Fuckiness.

I resolved a very, VERY important relationship in my life. My fuckiness was a relationship that needed attention, and I finally gave it, its proper attention.

Hardest part was opening myself up. To get there, I had to first free myself from my own thoughts about the relationship. Nothing mystical or magical, I simply just chose to face my own thoughts and feelings. I discovered, only through them can I actually go beyond them.

At that point, once I understood myself, the result didn't matter that much. When I act from good intentions, not selfishly, wanting to connect, time is always on my side.

The rest was all downhill. Easy. The result? Fuckiness is now awesomeness.

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