Friday, March 30, 2012

April is Ab-Awareness Month

For the second straight year I get an email out of the blue from Mark K. "Ab-Awareness Month, Are we doing that this year? It's a BRS staple"

This month, more than anything else on the BRS calendar, marks a new BRS Year for me. We started monthly challenges 4? years ago with Ab-Awareness and it's back on again. 3000 reps of any ab work you like. Track it on the spreadsheet and earn fake points. But fake points are not the point, it's a fitness goal for it's own sake. A reason to get up and out of bed, if you got nothing else going on, you at least have your ab work to do. If you got a busy life, you're not too busy to push out a few leg lifts. If you are, you're priorities are not straight, I sound like Ocean Boy here but he's correct on that point!

Leaning back to Alec Baldwin's old speech, "Your excuses are your own."

I absolutely did not do the pushup challenge, totally forgot (excuses are what?) but I plan to piggy back that on my first two weeks of ab work, see how it goes from there. I'm writing that down so I'm held to it.

Also, just to put it down publicly, I plan to do Lotoja this year with Mark. That's a big bite to chew off, but it starts here (in my abs, i guess).