Friday, March 9, 2012

Diamond Knot Run & 2012 Davis Challenge Prep Series

I know, it's not Trader Joes, but Dynomite's post inspired a Diamond Knot run.

Since Gerald is in town, I stocked up on limes & tonic, but after seeing Dyno's pic, I felt the urge to pick up some more swig.

Yesterday, completed my March requirement for the Whidbey Challenge. (pic below). I am realizing that my conversations with Dyno & Skirtsteak in early January, really did lay down the foundation for my recent stick-to-it-ness.

So anyways, (since Whidbey doesn't mess around), a DK run was a no-brainer. In fact, on my way home, I managed to ride an old route in a new way. GLT - WPC. (Goat Loop Trail, With Precious Cargo - DK Growler).

Also, touched base with Dyno, he was up to trying an experiment with his text response, "perhaps?".

Starting Monday, a new challenge to prep for this year's 2012 Davis Challenge. It'll be over 14 days. Day 1, do as many QUALITY push-ups that you can. Day 2 rest. Day 3, do 10 sets of 1 push up. Day 4, do 10 sets of 2 push-ups. Day 5, do 10 sets of 3 push-ups, and so on, up to Day 12, when you reach 10 sets of 10 push-ups. Day 13 rest, and then by Day 14 see how many quality push-ups you can do then.

This will be an ongoing series, so don't worry. You might be doing something similar with painting rocks and swiging. Will post a spreadsheet by Monday.

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