Wednesday, April 11, 2012


When I eat grapefruit, I am happy. They are always delicious. If I do not eat grapefruit, I really do not mind that much. I mean I never feel bad or guilty for not eating a grapefruit.

In Ocean's household, strawberries, apples, pears, and grapes are too common. They are not special. However, grapefruits take a bit more time and work to cut up properly. They require special utensils.

Therefore, BRS' Whidbey Island Challenge will be renamed the Grapefruit Challenge.

Come up with your own biking route. Something special, challenging and fun. See how many consecutive months you can ride your route. Log your notes on the Grapefruit link.

Dyno, maybe Echo Falls? Lake Roesiger? Whidbey Island? Skirtsteak, maybe Snohomish? Everett waterfront? Whidbey Island? Gerald, maybe Seward Park, Whidbey Island? Ennui, maybe Mt. Pisgah? Costco? Papa V, (I know you've got a marathon to run), but afterwards, maybe vineyard ride? River ride?

Point is, two of BRS' majors will revolve around cycling, so this will be a fun & helpful challenge. The Tour de Mukilteo and BRSCI-XIII are not getting any easier.

Just heard on the radio, that the Simpsons' Springfield, is in Springfield, OR. I think BRS did the Eugene Tri there?

In other news, Monday, I scanned the local news for traffic accidents on 405. There were none involving any van pools. So congratulations to Dyno. He is currently a certified van pool driver. Keep up the good work!

Plan to swig the birthday Sol tonight. Also plan to try a new recipe, steak frites, from my new cookbook. (See 1st pic above) The wine is just a bonus. Thanks again all.

I'll need the energy. Got 2,950 damn abs work left to do this month.

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