Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bike Ride on a Weekday

Attempted a mid-week bike ride with Gerald earlier in the week, but that got cancelled.  So we rescheduled on Fri, and I picked up some ingredients for dinner that I wanted to try out for FC Mukilteo this Sat, which also got postponed.

So how does a simple hour bike ride out to Seward Park, followed by cooking up scallop sliders have such a huge impact on my well-being? I'm not sure exactly how, but they do.

I'm beginning to find my internal tempo in daily life. Hikes, tennis, pre-dawn walks along the Port of Everett, cooking, swiging, phone calls after too much swiging, biking, talking over coffee, have become so significant for me. Somehow, they help me better understand my own pace in life, and how I relate to everything that happens in life. Not just the pretty, fun, and easy stuff.

This is becoming so clear to me now. Don't know exactly why it got so unclear, but I do know my internal pace will be focusing on that "weekday bike ride" day in, day out because that is the medicine that I need, that works for me, and that I actually like to take.

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  1. This better be your last ride sans helmet! Ocean's response? He doesn't need a helmet b/c he's riding on the sidewalk facing oncoming traffic. Yesler has a lovely 18% hill, but next time we're doing Mercer.