Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last best day?

PR! 3:55:01 at the Tunnel Marathon! Marathon #101 (not counting 34 ultras not to mention DNFs).

Incredibly scenic course (some photos on, weather gods smiling, Oh and all downhill at 2% grade. With the mattress shoes didn't feel a single pebble, new anti-chafe product Chamois-Glide (from Body Glide) was minty fresh and worked. Added surprise, received a 5th place trophy for Marathon Maniac of the year for running 43 races last year (only they would think of giving a trophy for 5th place). Chatted with lots of Maniac pals then noodle soup at Won Ton City with VVN.

In the old pre-2011 system, I'd be 4:02 away from a BQ.... But will I really get 5 minutes faster by the time I turn 45? How ridiculous is it to care? I guess the closer I get the more I care, though my conscious mind would never admit it. Just read a hilarious book by John "the Penguin" Bingham entitled, "an accidental athlete", which chronicles his evolution from an overweight, chain-smoking, beer guzzling middle aged (43 yo) professor to a back-of-the-pack serial marathoner. It was like reading my autobiography. One of my favorite quotes from the book, "we never know what's going to be our last best day...[it] can't be recognized in the moment- it can be seen only in retrospect". Appreciate every good day, it is, uh, may be all downhill from here.

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