Monday, July 9, 2012

Leschi Food Club 7/1/2012

Ocean is brilliant. Why wait until the next DC or an Alaskan Salmon auction to stage a cooking event?

All I had to do was make dessert. Theme: Italian, so I go for Tiramisu. Of course I wait until 9 pm the night before to try and find Lady fingers cookies, and after going to 2 x QFCs and 1 Safeway, I amass these soft frozen things that don’t really look like cookies, but oh well. Decide to try Nigella Lawson’s recipe for frangelico Tiramisu which calls for waaaay too much liquid (shoulda listened to the reader comments on the web). Luckily the rest of the food turned out well.

Ocean and Ocean Jr. came early to start on their homemade ravioli 2-ways. I tried to go for a run, knowing my chance at VT100 redemption was only 3 weeks away, but motivation is low and I feel like a beached whale. 

I come back from a slow, flat 13 mile run to find Dyno making homemade bread and red sauce with olives/ capers, and salad from Omaha.

The great thing about hosting? I got the leftovers- ha!

Next food club meeting in Mukilteo, July 14
Theme TBD


  1. Wish I was there, BTW, who's the guy with the beard?

  2. We wish you was there too. Beard dude? -just some jerk that thinks he knows what he's doing. One look at the loaf shows that he's out of his element. Papa V, you are more experienced in the bread making than I, what am I doing wrong to get my cross cut to behave properly?