Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 in 5 + a few bonuses

Pt. Defiance Park + new connector to Ruston Way, destination Fujiya = Sat, 8/4
520 Bridge, Bellevue to Woodinville, destination Redhook = Tue, 8/7
I-90 Bridge, Mercer Island, destination Piecoras = Wed, 8/8

3 god damn fun bike rides in 5 days! Thanks Gerald, Gerald & Omaha, Gerald & Guth!!!

A few god damn bonuses? shooting the shit with Cindy W, moms, skirtsteak, L.A. Woman, theGuth, and with god damn Ennui during his business hours (hint: past 11pm)...

Life is a god damn "contact", "team" sport. Yet, you gottas does its "alones"... goes figures...

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