Sunday, September 16, 2012

Run-Bike Double

Had to do this as 2 separate entries because I can't seem to figure out the photo placement.
Was supposed to do a run/bike double, a trail run in Cle Elum yesterday (25k, 4000+ ft) sat and 100k bike ride in Issaquah on sun, but the run got cancelled due to fires in central WA. There were no other local runs longer than half-marathon that day, so I just ran my own 16 miles down to Seward Park and around the trails there.

Heard about "Cycle the WAVE" from a fellow runner sLuG, a Titanium Maniac (>52 marathons in 1 year) who has been cycling more after a knee injury. It is a fundraiser for female victims of domestic violence (Women Against Violence Everywhere) and a ride restricted to female riders (though there were some token dudes as support crew- wonder how they felt in that sea of estrogen). Several options including the 15 mile "little sister", 25 mile "girly girl", 42 mile "middle sister", but of course I had to do the 62 mile "burly girl".

Dyno and I had tried to scope out part of the route on Eastside mid-week ride but missed a turn. Ride day was gorgeous, though started a little chilly. The route bypassed Montreux and Zoo hill but did catch the tail end of Tiger Mtn Rd climb. Issaquah has some damn nice bike lanes- like butter!

It was pretty amazing to see so many other women riders, like being in an alternate universe. I felt like I did when I went to Korea, so bizarre to be surrounded by all these short yellow people never mind I am one of them. It was also pretty cool to see so many strong, fast women riders.

The post-race festival was like one I'd never seen before, totally girly girl. A medal that said, "Ride like a girl". The signage was all pink. Every other food item had chocolate. There was a spa offering pedicures.

It was actually only 60 miles, 2874 feet, 3:50 bike time average speed 15.4 mph. Followed by a bottle of red. The run-bike-swig was def harder than the bike-run-swig, but I'll be back for this one.

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