Monday, October 29, 2012



TdM 2012, a set on Flickr.

Last weekend, October 29th, was the 16th Annual Tour de Muktileo. There was a deep field this year, 3 brave contestants, none of whom rode the same course, or could even agree on what the course should be. There were was one thing clear though, this was a Bike Event (This was a Swig Event).

First we all rode to the bottom of St. Andreas Blvd, just because we love riding back up it. I rode up it. Ocean rode up it despite being a baby about his helmet. Gerald decided to ride a more difficult course and rode up Picnic Pointe prior to Andreas, make sure her's legs were assuredly Jello before the attempt. A brilliant Strategy.

We rode to the Diamond Knot (II) becuase they make excellent pizza, but we just has a beer.

We rode to Scuttlebutt for a beer too. darker ones.

Skirtsteak met us there and joined us for the remainder of the day's stages. We set off at a blistering <10mph pace back toward Chateu Chapeau. Once there Ocean made us all the requisite Gins and Tonic that mark the successful completion of The Tour. Always refreshing after a Hot Summer Ride.

I don't know excacty who won the day (photo finish results pending), but Ricky Williams was the clear KOM.


  1. Sorry about all the formatting issues on this post. First Blogger zapped a chunk of text because i wrote in a 'less-than' symbol in the text editor (didn't covert to html tag correctly), now i can't get the flickr set to embed properyly so you've got thumbnails. The original post was deleted so the comment history has seemingly evaporated with it.

  2. Man, sorry I missed it, that's a really fun event. Those beers look about as weak as your legs after St.Andrews blvd though.