Sunday, November 4, 2012

BRSCI XII: Mukilteo to Anacortes on 2 wheels (a.k.a. 4 state parks and a ferry)

November 3, 2012

6 AM: Met up with Ocean and Dyno for pre-ride breakfast at Speedway café . Not our usual waitress, had to wait a little longer for coffee and poached-not-over easy eggs, but would probably still catch the 7:30 ferry. But there was no 7:30 ferry. It was not merely workers boycotting ferry cutbacks, it is fall, no wait, it is winter in terms of ferry schedules. We had planned to hit Port Townsend and make this the 3 ferries- 91 mile BRSCI, but it’s November now, logistics change. Luckily there is an indoor place peppered with local newspaper clippings to wait in, even a bathroom nearby.

Love the ferry. Instant trip to far, far, away.

Landed in Clinton, South Whidbey at 8:22. Just glad to be back on the bike, and that the rain held off mostly. The island looks totally different going counter clockwise. The climbs were less steep and I didn’t mind.  Less than 5 miles in, mechanical #1 for Ocean, rear flat.

Then back on our way, lovely fall colors, kept wishing I had a helmet cam!

Very soon we hit South Whidbey state park, which is usually toward the end of our rides but today it’s state park #1. The water fountains have already been turned off but luckily bathrooms still working. Eat some snickers. Then back on the road. It sure was nice going DOWN Lancaster instead of up.

Then it was Fort Casey, state park #2. By then I was ready for lunch but Coupeville was still over an hour away, we could see the ferries going to Port Townsend. Windy and flat, coves and lagunes, different from our usual Whidbey experience, feels like I’m far far away from home but I’m not.

In Coupeville stopped for advil, caffeine, and snacks at the Red Apple market. Luckily lunch was not far away. Dyno has like 360 degree peripheral vision, able to spot species of birds and plantlife like snowberries while riding, and apparently, Thai restaurants masquerading as a random person’s house.

The décor was… unique. 6-7 birdhouses hung from the tree, dozens of clocks in one corner, several old radios in another. 

The hot broth tasted homemade, and hot tea was welcome. They had an interesting scale for the spiciness of the food. One chili = mild, 2 chilis = oops, 3 chilis = geez, 4 chilis = ya ba da ba doo. It was only Whidbey Island hot though. Then a trip into the most bizarre bathroom, lined with hundreds of cat figurines. What kind of weirdo would collect hundreds of animal figurines anyway?

Then it’s mechanical #2 (rear flat, Gerald). The blue tires that used to match my hair, that I got at STP are now looking pretty bald. Apparently the ratio of rear to front flats is 2:1.

Then a surprise at state park #3, Joseph Whidbey state park with not just any Scuttlebutt, Ten Below! My new fav brew due to cool label. Not to mention 7.4% EtOH content.

While I’ve pretty much mastered the art of peeing in under 15 seconds without hitting my shoes with the spray, there was a bit too much civilization to find many natural bathrooms en route to Deception Pass, state park #4. Passing rows of Madrona trees felt like walking through a sculpture gallery in fast-motion.

Ocean is way-layed by leg cramps so gets a ride with Skirtsteak while Dyno and I push the last leg to Anacortes so as to arrive by sundown. Somewhere along the way, I had what Ocean might consider a moment of clarity. I got it, what BRSCI is about, I just got it.

Finish line? Brown Lantern for beer, fish & chips with BRS. Dozed on the drive back to Muk, where I got the coveted BRSCI XII with moustache mug. Whidbey never gets old, and Whidbey does not mess around.


  1. darkest before dawn
    how i approach life matters
    bikerunswig helps clear

  2. On a day trip to Anacortes
    Leaving from a Mukilteo address
    4 Whidbey State Parks
    250 Toilet Seat Covers
    B.R.S. c.i. XII success!