Sunday, March 24, 2013

My BikingRunning&Swigging (By the Numbers)


5.6 miles. From Yesler's Yurt to Mercer Island to meet-up with Ennui.


1 lb. of Coffee. Why? For Gerald winning the 2013 Dizzy Daze's 100km female race!!!

6 laps. Around Green Lake's Outer Loop. Ocean.

6 hrs. Walk. Lost in Seattle. Ennui. Oh, Ennui.

8 laps. Around Green Lake's Outer Loop + parking lot loops. Dyno.
* Dyno's first marathon! (but not by Ocean's standards).

20 laps. Around Green Lake's Outer Loop. Gerald. (with the assistance of Dyno, Ennui, & Rob).


23 years. I've been swigging for the better part of 23 years. In my expert, congressional-testimonial opinion, the Dizzy Day's keychain IS NOT a beer bottle opener. (but it's an excellent converter of Green Lake laps to miles on its flip-side).

48 Stella Artois. Figured 24 would be sufficient for HTTM II. Definitely miscalculated that one. Ennui, Gerald & I polished off 24 in about 6 hrs + Pendleton whiskey + lime smoke (Oh Ennui).


Gerald got me a booklet to journal my life from Italy. Infinity is my assessment of its value. Thx!


Days left in my thirties. What does that mean? Fun, Fun, & FUN!!!


  1. A big thanks to the owner of coffee point whatever for use of the store iPad to find Ocean' #, the cooks at Delphinos, and the makers of Pendleton whiskey for providing all of us a hangover.

    Get ready for this weekend. It's going to be fun. 12 days before Ocean discovers that forty is awesome.

  2. Ennui, Glad to hear a happy end on The Tale of the Lost & Found Adventure. Looking forward to more details at HTTU.

    Gerald, Congrats on #1 - Do you get a gold lake medal? Mercer midweek this week?

    Ocean, that is a very nice still life. Thanks for the asterisk, be sure to register our training runs with USATF so we can make it count.