Sunday, April 28, 2013

No Ouch, God damn it!

Couple weeks ago, both Dyno & I felt like 20 miles kicked our boo-tays. Fast forward two weeks...

Return of the Jedi, right? Increased our mileage 4 miles. No problem. Quality conversation + quality training = 24 miles up/down ferry hill & Forest Park hill...

Excellent run. Look out Pigtails. Look out Vermont 100. We are ready. Gerald, you better not cheat yourself or us. Your crew/pacers will be prepared. I really hope that you will be too...

Finally. 2 activities. For sure. Why is the other activity neglected so much? I feel it's because we are scared of it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Theoretical Bicycle pt.4

a Major Breakthrough in the very very slowly unfolding story of the Theoretical Bicycle has finally moved past the threshold of the Make Believe Internet and into my Real Life Kitchen/Dining Area.

More very soon.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ouch, Goddamn It!

We all know from experience that Whidbey Island does not mess around.

Well, twenty miles does not mess around either. Especially when it includes West Mukilteo Blvd, Mukilteo Speedway, and Harbour Pointe Blvd. Ouch, goddamn it!

Fur. Plenty of fur sprouted on today's run...

Prepping for Pigtails 150, and also Vermont 100. Dyno & Ocean definitely keeping each other honest...

Played tennis the other day. Realized with Ocean Jr., that we were not only playing just one activity. There's always two that exist. I'm learning a lot about the other one.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Archipelago

Here's some more pics; although Susie pretty much covered the gamut of all the activities. Good times...shedoobie! Thanks to all.
It's spelled MORAN. Not MORON.
How many professionals does it take to light forty candles? Three.
At least they know how to spell Coldwell Banker. and Inc.
Half-Mast Sequester
Ah look at that archipelago.  Somewhere out there is Nun Island.
Add your own caption
If you photoshop Michael and Zach's faces on this...

Keep on a rocking me baby... shattered

Happy 40th, old friend

Good Day!

Nothing better than carnage at the hippie bay

Nice View

HTTM2 (Rosario, Orcas Island, 3/29-31, 2013)

Happy Birthday To You, Ocean!

Road trip with Ventoux, Ennui, and Ocean... we caught the 3:15 (I mean 3:40) ferry. Picked up keys in Eastsound and drove to rental in Rosario. Blazing sun and amazing view.... the house was nice and all but what was with all the signage. And no cell phone/ internet access...

We got plenty of beers open and caught sunset before arrival of Dyno & Skirtsteak with Xmas lights, flowers, and homemade Pad Thai

Next morning, Ocean already had a Stella in hand at 9 AM so I knew a hike up the Power Line was not happening. Got ready to ride with Dyno when... DOH! wrong pedals/ clips. We drove to the bike shop in Eastsound where I got yet another set of SPD pedals and Dyno admired an old Ciocc frame on the porch.

The ride up Mt. Constitution was a lot harder than I remembered, though out of biking shape (no ride since 3 Ferries). Then fun cold (brain freeze!) descent and onward to Doe Bay where we had awesome brownies and saw hippies lounging by the beach..... meanwhile the rest of the gang enjoyed beer tennis in the highly maintained courts of Rosario...

31 miles, 4000 ft vertical and 1 sore butt. Time to head back to house for red ground beef compliments of Ventoux, who bought a share of a cow. Here's the grill master, who went to extreme lengths to not refill the existing empty propane container, just on principle, mind you....

Food coma, then a viewing of Hot Tub Time Machine which was somehow waaaaaay deeper the 2nd time around. Hey, we were young and we didn't know it.....

Then the cake, which did not turn out as expected but was a spectacle nonetheless for all those candles! We're OLD!!!!

Early to bed to clean up and catch early ferry. The Eugene boys have 7 hours on the road...

Thank you all for a memorable HTTM2!