Friday, September 27, 2013

Crab losing a claw

Sure it was nice to get haircuts only once a year and not be called "sir" all the time.  But my hair was getting to be a weed, my home was starting to look like a long haired cat lived there. Time for a change.  At first I was just going for a trim so I would no longer get poked in the eye or get snagged on stuff. But if they were going to take 4 inches off, why not a foot?- let's do it! I thought of my friend JLO who has been donating her hair serially to Locks of Love for years. It's an organization that uses donated ponytails to craft wigs for disadvantaged cancer patients who have lost their hair. My hairdresser told me they only required 8 inches so was able to leave me enough for a small ponytail, but when I got back to the office and realized they require 10, I thought, what if it was only 9.5 inches? I was pretty anxious until I nerdily raced home with my tape measure and found with relief it was 12 inches, whew!

I am a crab that has lost a claw. And I don't mean the hair. The claw will grow back.

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