Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Professional Friend

2 months off and back into running "just" marathons, and I gotta say, it feels good. It took my 3rd DNF at VT100 to make me realize life's too short to spend trying to run100 milers, and who my true friends are. After running in the rain at Bellingham Bay this morning, talking with Ocean over pho' in Lynwood, he recounted a conversation he'd had with Omaha. To paraphrase, he said, "if I won the lottery, I'd retire and become a professional friend". Brilliant. In my mind, Ocean is already that.
Next week's BRS roadtrip, return to Spokane for the Mt. Spokane 50k, LeChat bread at Rosauer's, hike at Riverside or possibly my old stomping grounds on the bluff trails. And oh, I propose we all start playing the lottery ASAP.

Near Nature, Near Perfect....

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