Friday, November 1, 2013

50 Years

I searched for a good 50 years image for this post, but this one was my favorite, even though it refers to marriage only. So, the past weekends I've been to Bellingham, Spokane, Wilsonville / Portland (great meet-up with Papa V), and this weekend I'm off to Chicago. Ocean Sr. is celebrating 50 years at his current job. Since I'm both proud and amazed at such an accomplishment, I've included the following link. Fifty.

Relatively speaking, I've been traveling a lot, so I'm really looking forward to next weekend, back to Mukilteo, where there will be the ninth running of the Tour de Mukilteo. A quick note, last month I completed Dido, and now I'm working through something I call ?SC-BMW. I'm mentioning this only because it's what helps me continue to grow. Without BRS, there's no Dido or ?SC-BMW.

Obviously my dad's passion is teaching. If you do anything for fifty years, there's gotta be a passion embedded somewhere. So it hit me. BRS is about six years old. How cool would it be if I were able to enjoy forty-four more years of bush-league tennis, biking St. Andrews, road marching, painting rocks, and over-swigging? Ha! That's truly my passion in life. Stoopid challenges, with stoopid friends. As long as I'm experiencing that day-in, day-out, I'm pretty certain I can handle all the rest of it.

So, that leads to my final point. 2013 NMN CD's are due. Oh, and Happy Birthday Papa V tomorrow.

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