Sunday, December 1, 2013

Code Brown

First blog post BUI.  Code Brown is a nasty culprit during a race.  At the 2013 Autumn Leaves 50-miler,  I had to hit this porta potty past the turnaround on the course; which added 1/4 bonus miles with each of the two occurrences.  Spent an extra 10-15 minutes with such culprit during the race, but still managed a landslide PR.  At today's Seattle Marathon, Code Brown was attempting to make an ugly appearance at mile-23, but I managed to hold him off until I finished the race and drive home upon which I was left sprinting for the toilet; barely managing to lift the seat up and play Finchie from American Pie.  With Pendleton and Full Sail Amber at my personal beckon, I managed to finish out the day shining.  Now I have just 20 days before my sub-4 hour attempt at the 50k race distance; which was screwed up last year by you guessed it--Code Brown.

Hey Ocean,  pretty flipping cool you want to run Vermont 100 in 2015.  That, along with Gerald's runs out there inspires me to join the party!  Personally I'm burned out on 100's, and would prefer to run just marathons, but I can't help playing roulette with my amigo, Code Brown.

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