Monday, December 30, 2013

They prolly ain't watching

Starting doubt I'll miss a post or two in Drynuary  but this is the song I would have picked for the new song on my NMN.
It was a good year in most respects and I'm Be Fresh as Hell if the Feds Watching!
To be perfectly honest, I've had a really hard time not singing this around my daughter (she's already primed to chant "clan in the front, let your boots stomp" and "one gold tooth like I'm Sha Shabba Ranks!) So I'm actually pretty proud of that (that she just knows those parts, I haven't taught her the rest). Also, at 3 1/2 she can go verse for verse on the canon. 3 foot assassin with the roughneck business. I haven't listened to this much Tribe since I was 16 (they are remarkably child friendly - Their moms would be proud). Next time you see her, just whisper "hammer time" and I'll give you a dollar if she doesn't start shuffling side to side and yelling "whoah, whoah".
Its not just one way though, at 3 1/2 shes has taught me to appreciate Taylor Swift, Brittney (bitches), and Icona Pop (she loves them like I love 2 Chainz). I'm not linking them though. Its embarrassing.
Anyway...For me 2 Chainz and Pharrel won 2013 musically. And I'm be Fresh as Hell if the Feds Watching. It was a banner year. I figure most wont work out this way.

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