Tuesday, January 14, 2014

17 and a Wake Up..

Alcohol Consumed (units): 0
Days Without Booze: 14
Disposition: Consigned? Waking up is easier. Still get bored though. 
Irritability: 2
Outlook: 98%
Shakes: Unrelated neurological damage probably
Smugness (scale of 1-10): 5. Seeing Rizzer and Dyno get onthe wagon bumped the smugness scale. So did drinking coffe at the local brew pub while everyone else had delicious beer in front of me.
Sleeping: Pretty good actually.
Substitute Activities: Yard work, cleaning the roof, walking the dog, planning my meal at Fleur (there is a high probability of pork belly being involved). Debating the merits of a nice bottle of Champagne versus a 12 year old scotch for breaking my fast, answering questions for Bananas (Pop Quiz: Why do balloons float? Wrong, the answer is they think they're better than the rest of us).

On to the music:
I might look into getting some of whatever the person who put this video together was on to get through the next 17.

1 comment:

  1. Days without booze: 5.5 (what??)
    Disposition: surprisingly changed minimally.
    Irritability: 60%
    Outlook: 40%
    Shakes: none though I'm constantly convinced I'm developing Parkinson's disease. or at least Alzheimer's.
    Smugness: 1. I just pretend I'm in the Hunger Games and alcohol is not available. Luckily I don't have the burden of social temptations to worry about. Time is passing SO SLOWLY. I only wish I could run 20 more miles a day to kill the time.
    Sleeping: hate to admit it, but a little better. not worth it though.
    Substitute activities: trying to find substitute beverages. Trader Joes carbonated chardonnay winner so far. can't stand artificial sweetener anymore. And despite peeing a lot, have not lost further weight.