Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 04

Day 04 of a dry January. Chasing bananas around a you paint it pottery shop was fun. Staring at the build your own bloody mary station when I took her to brunch afterwards was not. Lots of coffee though!
A good day for the most part, but there was a moment before dinner when my wife, daughter, and father in law were all trying to tell me something at the same time and all I could think was, this would be much easier if I had a glass of that wine instead of this ice water.
At least UH didn't lose their bowl game by as much as Rice did!

Song for the day SHABBA! If you can get past the broken egg yolk in the first ten seconds and watch this four or five times in quick succession, there is a good chance you'll be walking around chanting "8 gold I'm Shabba Shabba Ranks!" for a significant number of days. Banana hasn't even seen the video or heard the song, but second hand Shabba has her chanting it as well

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