Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fall Down

Ocean asked me to check in more regularly here so I guess for my first post in ages i'll come clean. I had a fall down last week. I was trying to Drynuary with y'all but after a shitty day last friday I stopped by the brewery on the way home and downed a few beers. I was gonna hide it - pretend like I was finishing strong...but then I fell down again. Crash! I think this is the first time my tires have come unglued from the road since my bad crash at Livestrong 09? The path i was on was a little icey and foggy as fuck - probably not the best to be riding on. But I think the beers and fate were also in the mix.

Anyways, I'm fine and my bike is fine. It has scuffs on the bartape, a little rough spot on the aluminum shifter and I seemed to have lost a limit screw on my RD. I've got bruises on my butt and my face and my ego. And I lost a new favorite blinky light.

Welcome back to me.


  1. Sorry to hear about your wipeout. Any consolation, I attempted St. Andrews on my grapefruit challenge and pulled over near the tippy top on 60th St. I caught my breath. For 10 min. Afterwards I laid in bed for 1.5 hrs avoiding a minor stroke/heart attack. I'm not kidding.

    In my book, you just earned another letter. You are now Dyno-m!

  2. While not much rain to complain about, we are officially in the part of the northwest winter where I am over the cold. Its been in the 30s here all week. Its only fun when I'm riding to meetings and get to laugh at all the people who forgot gloves.

  3. How was that camera at just the right place at the right time? Foggy as fuck, indeed.
    So, is this why I got no sympathy when I whined about my inability to have beer at the airport last weekend?
    It's OK to fall off the wagon, especially a wagon which in my opinion is not worth hitching a ride on. But it's Karma if you were going to fake it dude. I actually had an anxiety dream where I unwittingly ingested alcohol like the TdF riders are unwittingly exposed to performance enhancing drugs and was banned for life, carted away yelling "but it's just a dream!" Whew. Only 13 days in to Drynuary, I am not happier or more productive, but I have lost 7 lbs. on my sparkling grape juice diet.