Monday, January 6, 2014

File under current song I'm most embarrassed to enjoy

Picture above, Taylor Swift's spirit animal about to break up with you.

I don't mean the nightmare fuel old spice commercial that plays first. That commercial is truly embarrassing.

Bananas and I are going to see if we can blow out some 10 year old Mazda speakers next time this comes on the radio. Its our Jam.

Had some old Ice Cube turned up when I started the car this morning (old in that we are old. I'd actually call the song mid to late period Cube, when he was getting into the whole "WEST SIDE" thing. And Disney movies.) and quickly changed to something more appropriate before any damage was done. Bananas wanted to know what that was. I told her it was Ice Cube and she immediately asked "can we listen to some Ice Cube Music?" It was a proud moment, unfortunately the answer was still no.


  1. yikes - and I thought Annie was a curveball.

  2. Along this line though, after this most recent NMN, Dionne Warwick was burning up my Spotify account for a few days.

  3. I blame the girl. It all started when she came home mumbling "heres my number, call me maybe"...

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