Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Foot Assassin with the Roughneck Business

She floats like gravity.
Never had a cavity.
Got more rhymes than the Winans got family...

This song is without a doubt the one Bananas and I listen to most in the morning:
Sometimes she just starts spitting verses out of the blue. Top three rappers dead or alive?
1. Bananas
2. Bananas
3. Bananas

Anyways - a bit of sleeplessness last night so no suborbital trangender psycho killer dreams to fill you in on. I capped the sleeplessness off by launching a cup of water off the dresser and across the bedroom at 3am and waking up everyone else too. I don't have to drink to be a clutz!

Tonight I burned a bunch of old pay stubs, bills, etc in the fireplace instead of shredding them. That always makes me feel like a badass. Like I'm a CIA station chief at the embassy in Constantinople and I need to clear out the files before the Commy's tear down the gates. Or, you know, maybe a member of a certain German political party planning a new life in Brazil...

That's the kind of excitement I deal with on a daily. That and making pancakes. Ain't no half stepping.

Also - Happy 500th Blog Post BRS!

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  1. BDK's ropes through like six? eight? costume changes - killin me. You just a butter knife, I a machete. Is ginsu good in the case?