Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I had a dream

Not about the brotherhood of man or anything. Just a weird one. I was more or less the Sandra Bullock astronaut from Gravity (maybe not as vulnerable and nerdily charming, but whatever) running around a space station and everyone had been murdered by some Psycho. I jumped in the escape pod not knowing he was hiding there. There was an epic throwdown that ended with me stabbing him in freefall outside the pod (I guess this was after re-entry into the atmosphere?) getting back in the pod and landing in the front yard of what can only be described as MTV's Real World Nasa where the trainees for the next mission all lived together. After stepping out of the pod, the Psycho hit the ground next to me landing on top of the knife I had stabbed him with, so that was that I figured. I ran around the house sobbing because of the outer space slaughter I had just witnessed, but I was also pissed off that the trainees had moved my stuff out of my rooms (I was done being polite, it was time to be Real). Anyway, got to the garage and the Psycho was waiting for me. I was a floor up so I grabbed a broom and jumped into the air over him Matrix style planning to impale him with it when I woke up.
Anyway, on to the music, Kendrick had a dream too. It featured more twerking than mine did.
I hope they cast the next real world with people who were drummed out of Nasa because of drinking problems. They can set it in Cape Canaveral in a decommissioned space shuttle or something.

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