Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I sleep a lot

Maybe start with the music this time

That is not helpful Kendrick. On to the stats:
Alcohol Consumed (units): 0Days Without Booze: 22Disposition:  Come On Irritability: 2Outlook: I think I can convert half my second fridge into a kegerator and still have room for the 3 foot assassin's go-gurts and cheese sticks in the other half.Shakes: I've cut back on the caffeine as well - so that's good. Peppermint Tea?Smugness (scale of 1-10): 1. Looking down the barrel of 2 more Fridays, one of which includes a work happy hour/going away party. No smugness here. Sleeping: A lot. See below.Substitute Activities: Going to bed early. Flossing (my flossing game is tight). Researching kegerator conversions. Laughing at 49er fans.

I bought a couple bottles of very drinkable Champagne this week. Now I just need to decide between the Gruet and the Argyle Brut. I'm a big fan of the Gruet, so that is the front runner. Anytime a french man up and moves to New Mexico and starts making reasonably priced highly drinkable champagne an angel gets his wings. I think.
I'd like to say I'm in the home stretch, but to be honest, I'm far enough in to know that nine more days of this is going to suck. Not as much as a road march with a weighted pack, but still, Come On! The closest I can think of is miles 16-22 of a marathon, with rolling hills that never seem to end, when you start thinking that maybe you missed a mile marker? No, you didn't. You're just assed out. And will continue to be for the forseeable future.


  1. It sucks way more than a road march. Even more than a marathon road march between miles 16-22. But not as much as 44 charts.

  2. I think this black eye (I swear it looks worse today - Come On!) is keeping my smugness scale locked firmly at zero. Probably making a dent in my disposition too.

    That kendrick album is amazing though. I used that track on a NMN disc this year but Ocean vetoed it. HenniCat and KeithCat are only available is limited edition bootlegs anymore.