Monday, January 13, 2014

Music first. This is a good song, but an absolutely mesmerizing video. Why does he have a lazer for an arm? Does he know that dinosaur? Joe or Cobra?

Drynuary made it through the weekend. No beer Friday after work was a bummer, and football is less enjoyable when drinking club soda. There is so long between each play! Never noticed that before! 

Anyway, it gives me lots of time to read menus and prepare for a trip to Vegas. I think I'll probably order the steak at Craftsteak. Or maybe the steak. And if I get a few too many Black Butte's in me I might have them bring out Tom Collichio so I can ask where he gets off charging that much for a steak, and then charging extra for the potatoes?? F you Tom. And what kind of self loathing must one be filled with to order the $15 side of steamed vegetables. Keep the vegetables that you carefully prepared over heated water Tom. I'll get my roughage elsewhere. Just bring me the T-Bone already. I'll hit McD's for some fries on the walk back down the strip.

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